Özgün Ozan KılıçÖzgün Ozan Kılıç

Özgün Ozan Kılıç

Research and Teaching Assistant


Hi! I am a research assistant from Ankara, Turkey. My main interests are social computing, online social networks, data science, and recommendation & match-making systems. My wide range of interests and my peculiar educational background enable me to have a broader perspective and quickly pickup new subjects.

  • Fluency in Python, R, and SQL
  • Versatile skillset, strong multimedia skills
  • Hands-on experience in data collection, manipulation, mining, and visualization
  • Honorable mention award in an international big data challenge
  • Various projects in portfolio


  • Research and Teaching Assistant (January 2018-)

    Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University

    As a research assistant, I was a member of a research group that was awarded an honorable mention in an international big data challenge (Data 4 Refugees) that had participants from reputable institutions such as MIT and Oxford University. You can find our book chapter here.

    As a teaching assistant, I had various duties such as preparing/updating/grading assignments and projects, preparing/conducting lab sessions, proctoring, and helping students for the following courses:

    • IS783 - Social Media Analytics
    • IS503 - Database Concepts and Applications
    • IS507 & SM561 - Introduction to Software Engineering
    • IS524 & SM523 - Software Design Patterns
    • IS100 - Introduction to Information Technologies and Applications

    During my assistantship, I extensively used Python, R, SQL, and UML.

    I have also taken additional responsibilities in:

    • Department of Information Systems program coordination
    • Graphic design-related tasks
    • Web administration/development for a brief period

  • Freelance Visual Designer (2014-2016)

    I worked with diverse subjects including logo design, web design, print design, and motion design. I still like to think about visual design, but I mostly use it to create visuals for my projects for self-sufficiency.

  • VFX Intern (June 2014)

    1000 Volt Post Production

    1000 Volt is one of the biggest post production companies in Turkey. I learned a lot about Foundry Nuke, VFX pipeline, and post production sector in general. I had the chance to help with a few shots as well.


  • M.S. in Information Systems (2016-2020) (3.79/4.00)

    Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University

  • I have taken compensatory courses for a year, and started taking program courses in 2017. I became an RA & TA in 2018. I completed my coursework in 2019 and I wrote my MS thesis called "You are where you eat from: predicting socioeconomic status using restaurant menus and user reviews," supervised by Assoc. Prof. Tuğba Taşkaya Temizel. All in all, I have completed these courses:

    • Big Data
    • Computer Networking for Information Systems
    • Database Concepts and Applications
    • Fundamentals of Business
    • Information Systems Project
    • Introduction to Information Systems
    • Introduction to Software Engineering
    • Knowledge, Discovery and Mining
    • Machine Learning for Multimedia Informatics
    • Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures
    • Research Methods and Ethics in Information Systems
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Software Design Patterns


You can click on most of them to read more or visit the project.

Tools & Skills

While some of my skills are not as fresh or solid as others, I believe I can learn whatever is needed and work with it unless I explicitly stated a skill as "very limited."

Category: Highlights

Data wrangling
Data mining
MongoDB (very limited)
Data visualization
Web scraping
Natural language processing
Apache Hadoop (very limited)
Hadoop MapReduce (very limited)
Apache Spark (very limited)
Apache Hive (very limited)
Apache Storm (very limited)
Apache Kafka (very limited)
Full-stack web development
Software design patterns
Node.js (limited)
Express (limited)
Apache HTTP Server
Android development
Chrome extension development
QGIS (some)
ArcGIS (some)
Video production
Film theory
Visual design
Visual effects
2D/3D motion design
Creative coding
Processing 3
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition
Cinema 4D
Foundry Nuke
Projection mapping
Sound design
FL Studio



Some more

Awards and honors

  • Honorable Mention - Data for Refugees
    Our team was awarded an honorable mention in Data for Refugees (D4R), an international big data challenge that aims to use highly anonymized call detail records to make policy recommendations that would benefit the Syrian refugees in Turkey. The challenge was organized by Türk Telekom, Boğaziçi University, and other entities such as MIT Media Lab and Data-Pop Alliance. It had more than 60 competing groups spanning 19 countries, from reputable institutions such as MIT and Oxford University.
  • Worthy of Mention - Open Research Day
    Our poster presentation that is based on our Data for Refugees report was awarded a worthy of mention award at Open Research Day in Middle East Technical University.


  • Turkish: Native
  • English: 8.0/9.0 in IELTS Academic (2019)
  • French: DELF B2 (2011) - Practically forgotten


  • Small-scale solo software projects
  • Playing guitar and piano
  • Digital music production
  • Digital painting & graphic design
  • Casual gaming