Update (2018): The built-in proxy service is broken as the proxy provider blocked using their service directly using links.

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Imgur is a major image hosting and sharing platform. Unfortunately, it is blocked in Turkey and it really annoys me when I’m browsing forums and stuff. There were existing Chrome extensions for people like me and I tried them all, but they were not comprehensive enough. For example, they were failing at showing the embedded media, they were failing to show galleries as it was not possible to substitute Imgur links with Filmot.org versions… So, I decided to write my own extension, "Imgur Liberatur". You can download it from here. I used Latin for its name in order for it to have a visual rhyme. It basically means Imgur is liberated (if I am not mistaken).

Imgur Liberatur fixes the links, embedded media, your address bar input, and even dynamic content. If it is possible to serve Filmot.org versions, it works by simply replacing the URLs. If not, it opens the page using a proxy and hides the proxy interface for a better experience. It’s also possible to separately enable and disable these functions from the options menu. I think it’s currently the best Imgur extension available for people whose access to Imgur is blocked.

Last month I lost a friend, Hüseyin Helvacıoğlu, who was an advocate of Internet freedom. He was very much interested in the Internet and he was constantly generating ideas about it. I dedicate this extension in memory of him.