Closing the Gap

It has been over a month now and I'm taking compensatory courses to close the gap between the engineering graduates and myself. Although they are probably not very difficult for others, I find some points challenging. They require some cognitive effort for sure. When the instructor teaches about one specific thing, I actually have to learn two other things before I can think about that specific thing, which was totally expected. Now, I can clearly see that the gap is huge and there's a reason why everyone else comes from an engineering background. If I can't succeed in these compensatory courses, I'll get kicked out of the school and honestly, I think the department doesn't expect me to succeed. Still, I'm grateful that they gave me a chance.

I've been thinking about the possibilities. Although every year I learn many things that I couldn't imagine the year before, I'm highly skeptical now about my academical future. If I fail these courses and get kicked out, I would probably look for a job in small software companies. After gaining some solid experience, maybe I would try again. I haven't got any bad grades from anything yet, but there's not much room for error and the scene is daunting. I really want to succeed, though. I'd like to prove myself not only for myself but also for other people who don't have an engineering degree. I feel like I represent those people and I feel responsible. I don't know, it's like I've started reading a book from the middle and the book is written in a different language. Nevertheless, I'm trying.

Meanwhile, I have published some small Android applications and I was working on a new one that might be actually useful, but I don't have much time lately. Another one is shelved for now since the visuals take too much time and I don't want to spend much time with non-coding stuff. Although being a generalist gives me the total freedom over my projects, sometimes it requires too much time to get everything done by yourself.

I'll probably write another blog post in a few months.

Update (May 2017): I managed to survive that semester, with a good GPA. Now things got harder, I hope I can survive this semester as well.